The Gibson Group offers a wide range of services designed to help clients influence policy debates.

Building Relationships

Like many firms you could hire, we have longstanding relationships with many members of Congress and their staffs. We can advise you on the policymakers you need to reach and help you build your relationships with them. However, while many see that as the end of lobbying, The Gibson Group recognizes it is just the beginning. You also have to know what they are thinking and what to say to them.

Setting Goals

Otto von Bismarck said: “Politics is the art of the possible.” At any given time in the political process, some things are possible and some are not. When we start to work with you, we will help you realistically assess whether you can achieve your goal. If we believe you cannot, we will help you establish other goals that you can reach.

Creating Solutions to Your Problem

Having settled on a goal, we will help you draft your solution in a way that will give it the best chance to succeed. You can hire many people to draft a bill. If you hire us, we will draft your bill in a way that members can understand and support– maximizing your chances of success.

Communicating Your Ideas

You will not get far in the political process if policymakers do not understand and like your idea. We will help you see your proposed solution from their perspective to increase the likelihood that you will persuade them.

Navigating the Process

Procedural and jurisdictional rules in Congress often determine the outcomes. We have mastered these rules and can guide you through the process.

Managing Your Campaign

We know your resources are limited. We have managed many legislative campaigns and will work within your budget to achieve your goals.

Monitoring Your Progress

When we work with you on an issue, we will regularly update you on its progress. But sometimes investors and other interested observers  do not need to get involved; they simply need to know what is happening on an issue. If that is what you need, we can simply follow an issue and keep you apprised of what happens.

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